Hand-picked software for work & office

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

I’ve been building my personal Windows-toolchain for more than 20 years, and that is why people approach me frequently to ask for tools for this and tools for that. Find here my toolchain, which should make things easier for everyone.

In general, I will prefer open source or freeware tools, unless a commercial solution is clearly superior in my eyes. For most of my recommendations, there are also versions for Mac, and Linux.



Founder paperwork

This may happen to your personal document stash if you decide to start a company .
Unless you’re following some super-duper “get your shit done with this morning ritual and habits”.
BUT: it’s strictly chronological 2016-2017;)


Has my email address been hacked?

More and more platforms have been hacked and user data has been leaked as a consequence. Even large and reputed providers like Adobe and Dropbox were affected. Just recently another 500m user credentials have been leaked.

Hasso Plattner Institute, a very reputed German IT & tech research organization, has compiled a database where you can conveniently and securely check if your email address or any other user data has been compromised.

Go here to proceed and find another comprehensive database here.

Anyways, you should consider using unique yet easy to remember passwords for every single service you use. This will save you hours of work and some sleepless nights, just in case 🙂


Ugandan shower challenge

​”Pssst. Sir. Sir. Yes, you. Hurry!” 

“… excuse me?” 

“Hurry before British ladies arrive.” 

“… sorry, WHAT?” 

“No more hot water then sir!”