How did I deserve THIS as a birthday present? Besides, some important representatives are missing. Funny side effect: in Germany, Hitler is somehow ubiquitous, even for a 3-year-old. So our son recognized him, asking who that acutally is. Every time he gets aware of Hitler, he now is referring to him as “the Blitz Trompf” 😀


The current state of Blockchain

…it seems the hype cycle did it again 🙂 The Blockchain keeps on being hyped so hard these days. There is no conference and no techtalk where some “blockchain evangelists” would NOT try to talk you into their super-duper project. I’m still waiting for a proof of concept, an actual product or at least platform which can be used by private individuals beyond some appealing but lab-style experiments.

To my knowledge, there is only two types of use secenarios for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies right now: firstly, tokens/currencies (which are basically worthless if you ask me due to carrying no real value beyond cloudy promises, and the absence of any regulation). Secondly, transactional systems, where the technology can be used in some closed-shop internal use cases in cross-border-banking to ease some of the problems which come with cross-border, multi-currency transactions.

But beyond that: nothing. I’d say the “valley of despair” shouldn’t be far 😉