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Africa: Next Generation Economy

Hard to believe, but this actually is one of the fastest growing markets and economies in the world. By 2050, there will be ~2.5bn people living in Africa. Most of them will be young, and poor, and they will strive for a better life. Many of them will try to make their way towards Europe. Time to work on improving their life and economic perspectives on-site. Finally, it feels good to work in exactly that area. And yes, you can finally make business there!

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Kudos to THE DevOps team!

Guys, it’s a pleasure to work with you! You have contributed so much to awamo’s solution and you are so much committed to our project and our company. Great to have you guys on board! We’re working on the “guys” thing, promise πŸ˜€

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Just arrived at Kampala HQ. Ben didn’t overpromise πŸ™‚ We call it “The Cloud”, well met for an SaaS company. During the founding of awamo, there has been a funny discussion about awamo’s logo. Some feedbacks were like “Are you somehow connected to the Illuminati order?”. We found that very far-fetched and stuck to the draft. Our new business address at Kampala: Illuminata Nakyejwe Close. The flag has already been ordered πŸ˜‰

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How did I deserve THIS as a birthday present? Besides, some important representatives are missing. Funny side effect: in Germany, Hitler is somehow ubiquitous, even for a 3-year-old. So our son recognized him, asking who that acutally is. Every time he gets aware of Hitler, he now is referring to him as “the Blitz Trompf” πŸ˜€

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